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As we progress through each stage of development, our pipeline reflects our unwavering commitment to scientific excellence and transformative impact. At AdRegeneer, we envision a future where nervous system regeneration becomes a reality, offering renewed hope and healing to patients worldwide.

Phase II Clinical Trial: HDAC2 Activator for Remyelination

Target: HDAC2 Activator

Indication: Remyelination in Multiple Sclerosis

Our lead compound, an HDAC2 activator, has shown remarkable promise in promoting remyelination in preclinical studies. Building on these advancements, we are preparing to embark on a Phase II clinical trial to assess the efficacy of this treatment in repairing lesions caused by multiple sclerosis. By stimulating the production of myelin at the gene level, our therapy aims to restore lost functions and offer renewed hope to patients facing the challenges of multiple sclerosis.

Formulation Advancement: Remyelination-Specific Molecule

Target: Remyelination-Specific Formulation

Indications: Neurological Lesions, Peripheral Neuropathies

Our dedication to innovation extends to formulation advancement, where we have re-purposed a molecule specifically for remyelination. This groundbreaking formulation offers a new dimension in treating neurological lesions and peripheral neuropathies. By leveraging the power of this re-engineered compound, we aim to usher in a new era of therapies that directly address the root causes of nerve damage and facilitate comprehensive healing.

Pre-Clinical Development: Targeting Axonal Regeneration

Targets: Multiple Axonal Regeneration Targets

Indications: Traumatic Nerve Injuries, Neurodegenerative Diseases

Our pipeline boasts a series of pre-clinical drugs and targets, each carefully designed to promote axonal regrowth in cases of traumatic nerve injuries and neurodegenerative diseases. These novel treatments have undergone rigorous testing on established animal models and cell-based assays, demonstrating their potential to spark significant neurological recovery. As we continue to refine and validate these targets, we anticipate their transformative impact on patients' lives.

Gene Therapy Vector for Myelinating Cells

Target: Gene Therapy Delivery Vector

Indications: Remyelination and Axonal Regrowth

In collaboration with esteemed research groups, including the Jacob group, we have developed an innovative vector for precise gene therapy delivery to myelinating cells. This breakthrough technology holds the key to unlocking targeted treatments for both remyelination and axonal regrowth. By directing therapeutic interventions at the cellular level, we aspire to reshape the future of nervous system regeneration and drive lasting recovery.

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