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Schwann cells and Axons in microfluidic chamber

Our Work

At AdRegeneer, innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Every member of our team is deeply committed to the mission of bringing regenerative treatments for the nervous system to those in need. Our work is not merely a job—it is a calling to make a lasting impact on the lives of patients battling neurodegenerative diseases and traumatic injuries.

Pioneering Neuroregeneration Through Innovative Epigenetic Drug and Gene Therapy Platform

At AdRegeneer, our unwavering commitment to revolutionizing nervous system regeneration fuels our cutting-edge research and development initiatives. Our platform harnesses the power of epigenetics and gene therapy to create transformative medicines that hold the potential to repair nervous system lesions caused by neurodegenerative diseases and traumatic injuries.

Therapeutic Agents and Lead Indications

Our proprietary epigenetic drug platform represents a breakthrough in regenerative medicine. With a focus on promoting axonal regrowth and remyelination, our treatments target a critical unmet need in the medical landscape. This includes a pipeline of six pre-clinical drugs and targets, validated and tested on established animal models and cell-based assays. Additionally, our innovative vector for gene therapy delivery to myelinating cells and a novel formulation for remyelination offer new dimensions of therapeutic possibilities.

Scientific Differentiation

AdRegeneer stands at the forefront of innovation in nervous system regeneration. While existing treatments focus on inflammation reduction, our pioneering approach directly addresses axonal regrowth and remyelination – two key factors in restoring lost functions. Our unique technology enables us to induce myelin production at the gene level and reprogram glial cells into repair cells, setting us apart from traditional approaches.

Major Milestone: HDAC2 Activation

A pivotal achievement in our journey started with the validation of HDAC2 as a target for myelination and remyelination. Through our research, we have demonstrated that treatment with an HDAC2 activator promotes remyelination in various mouse models, showcasing the potential for restoring neural function and healing lesions. Our dedication to scientific excellence drives us to explore every facet of nervous system regeneration.

Charting the Path Forward

As we forge ahead, our immediate goals include further refining our pre-clinical targets, expanding our patent portfolio, and securing the necessary funding to propel our clinical trials. By bridging the gap between groundbreaking research and tangible treatments, AdRegeneer is poised to redefine the future of regenerative medicine and offer hope to countless individuals.

Join the Club

For inquiries about our research endeavors, partnership opportunities, or investment possibilities, please contact us.

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